Alexander Rosenfeld


Alex Rosenfeld was born in Krakow, Poland, on June 23, 1916. His father Solomon was a flour manufacturer. His mother was Helene Zimmerman Rosenfeld. He was one of seven children: Alfred, 1913; twins Julius and Emanuel 1914; Cecilia; Lucia; and Olga.

Alex was the target of  so much antisemitism in  Poland that his family decided to send him to  France with an older brother to continue his education.  When Hitler invaded France, he joined the French Resistance. Much of his testimony focuses on his experiences  fighting the Nazis as a member of the French Resistance.

He also tells of  working  in various  labor  camps,  of  not  carrying  his ID papers, of  denying  his Judaism  when  asked  by  authorities,  of  surviving  by his wits.  

Biography written by Jane Rushefsky