Abram C and Bella H Lederman

Abram Lederman was born Abram Chaim to Tevye and Jura Hipszer Lederman  on March 10, 1919, in Lodz, Poland. He had two sisters, Itka Sheindel and Fredka. The family owned and operated a small business. Abram attended a Jewish school and later attended a technical school to study electromechanics so he could become an electrician. After the Nazi invasion of Poland, he was forced to move into the Lodz Ghetto on March 9, 1940, from which he was deported, spending time in several concentration camps, including Auschwitz, where he was liberated at the end of the war. He was the only survivor in his family.

After liberation, he lived in a DP Camp. Later the Allied Forces sent him on a British ship to Sweden where he met his wife, Bella. They remained in Sweden until March 1954, when they emigrated to Rochester. Abram worked as an electrician for Delco Products, a division of General Motors, from 1955 until 1984. Abram spoke five languages and love to read about history, music, art, mathematics, science, philosophy, and religion. He died in Rochester in September 2010.

Bella Lederman was born Bella Hittel Waldsztajn to Simcha Meyer Waldsztajn and Chava Sarah Palesznicki Waldsztajn on November 22, 1942, in Sosnowiec, Poland. The oldest of seven children, she had three brothers: Abraham Wolf, David, and Moshe, and three sisters: Rivka Leah, Rose and Chaya. Her family owned and ran a small business. The family lived in Sosnowiec until the war began. She was liberated from Bergen-Belsen at the end of the war, the only one in her family who survived the war.

After liberation, Bella also spent time in a DP Camp and was later sent by the Allied Forces on a British ship to Sweden where she met Abram. They  remained in Sweden until March 1954 when they emigrated to Rochester where she lived until she passed away from illness in October 1956. Bella had a gentle spirit. She was kind, caring, and generous towards her family and friends.

Biography written by Julie M. NIsson, their daughter