Lola Blacharz Cytryn

Lola Blacharz Cytryn was born February 4, 1917, in Lodz Poland, the daughter of Mendel Blacharz and Bina Blacharz. She had one sister, Matel, and four brothers: David, Chaim, Noah, and Israel. Lola grew up in the same apartment building as Fiszel Cytryn (See also Philip Cytryn). They were engaged to be married before the World War II broke out.

In 1939 the Germans invaded Poland, and Lola, along with the other Lodz Jews, was forced to move into the Lodz Ghetto. In 1942 she was sent to Dachau and Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camps. She was fortunate to have survived since she contracted typhus. After liberation, she lived in a displaced person's camp. People used to travel from camp to camp looking for family. When a friend from Lodz came to her camp, she asked if he came across any of her family members, to let them know she was alive and where she was. In his travels the friend saw Philip, who then was reunited with Lola. They were married on January 27, 1946. Their daughter, Pearl,  was born in Mannheim, Germany in 1947 and is their only child.

Three of Lola's  brothers, their spouses, and children were killed in the camps as  were her parents and sister. One brother, Noah, survived the war in Russia. His wife and children did not. He died in the mid 1950's in Israel of cancer. Lola and Philip  had tried unsuccessfully to get him into the United States. She never saw her brother again.

After Lola and Philip came to Rochester, she eventually worked for Germanow-Simon as  a crystal cutter until she retired in 1980. She was a fabulous baker and cook, her sugar and chocolate chip cookies were famous. Lola was a soft-spoken, loving person.  She passed away July 8, 1981, of pancreatic cancer.

Biography written by: Pearl Cytryn, Daughter