Rochester Holocaust Survivors Committee
Rose Bernstein, Project Chair
Tom Zigon and Barbara Appelbaum, Co-chairs, Web Archive Project

Bonnie Abrams, Pearl Cytryn, Helen Kashtan, Mickey Kinel, Paulina Kovalsky, Shaina Kovalsky Robyn Morgan,, Ron Newman, Enid Ryen and Louis Ryen

JCC Professional Staff
Arnie Sohinki and Leslie Berkowitz, Current and Former Executive Directors,
Lori Harter, Associate Executive Director, Joy Getnick, Director of Jewish Life
Mary Ann Colamarino, Executive Assistant

Unto Every Person There is a Name

Unto every person there is a name.
And the names of the loved ones you lost,
The names of your parents and grandparents,
The names of your spouses and children,
Brothers and sisters, whole families lost,
You placed on this memorial courtyard
So they would not be forgotten.

No grave had you to mourn them.
No place to honor them.
So you created this courtyard
For you, for them, f
or all of us. So your loved ones would not be forgotten.

Today we, your children, your spouses, your
family and friends,
Honor you, the survivors,
Who gathered up the broken pieces,
Who built new lives, created new families,
formed new communities
And contributed your talents to ours.

Today We place your names beside the names of those you loved. So future generations will remember and honor you. For your courage in facing an uncertain future, For your determination to go on, For the example you have set for us and for our children.

We thank you for the stories you shared
So that we will not forget. We thank you for teaching us important lessons, To stand up for the needy, to protect those at risk, To love our families and be proud of who we are.

Today we place your names besides those you loved So that you too will not be forgotten.


Barbara Appelbaum